Innovative Pool Renovation Service

We achieve quality results by using quality products

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Pool Refinishing

The materials used for your pool get delivered to your home, and not a concoction of various materials (w/o labels) brought to the job site. We apply exposed aggregate pool finishes at the recommended thickness. We do not scrimp to cut costs. We use a superior bonding agent to assure proper bonding of your new finish.

Travertine Deck7

Here at Blue Horizons, we follow an 8 step procedure to resurfacing your pool to guarantee consistent quality results. Please take a look at our process below so you can follow along with how we get from 1 to 8.

Spotter Steps
  1. Drain
    • We prep your pool by sending out one of our employees to drain your pool. First, we check anything electrical in the pool and post a note that says “please do not turn on while the pool is empty.” Then we drop in a pump to drain your water.
  2. Wall Prep
    • We remove your old pool surface by stripping and sandblasting all the old damaged surface away to prepare it for the new one.
  3. Tile & Masonry
    • Here is the fun part, where your personally selected tile, coping, and any other decorative features get installed.
  4. Plumbing & Seal
    • Here we make sure your pool is watertight and ready for the surface finish. We also wash the shell of your pool at this time too.
  5. Pool Finish Material Installation
    • We install your selected finish surface material.
  6. Optional Acid Wash
    • Depending on the finish material that you selected we may need to do an acid wash. Our professionals always follow all safety regulations to ensure the best quality of work.
  7. Clean-up and Pool Fill
    • We double check and make sure your pool is clean and ready to be refilled with water. One of our professionals will stay to make sure our pool gets filled to the appropriate levels.
  8. Initial Water Treatment/Surface Curing
    • This step is the most crucial step. Your pool water needs to be tested and carefully monitored for the next seven days, along with monthly maintenance and adjustments to ensure your water stays healthy.

Decks, Driveways, Sidewalks & Walkways

Many pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, and walkways are cracked, soiled and dated. Pavers are an excellent way to permanently eliminate many of these issues as well as enhancing your home and landscape.

Pavers increase the durability of your walkways, making sure your path always stays in place. Also, high-quality pavers aren’t as porous, so they are less likely to build up mold and mildew. Since these pathways may be high traffic areas, it’s also good that if they ever crack or break replacing them is quick and easy.

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural Travertine Limestone and Marble Pavers are natural stone pavers quarried in the Italian, Chinese and Turkish mountains and cut to size in paver thickness.
Travertine (a very hard limestone), and marble are the same timeless materials used for building construction around the world for centuries. The Pyramids of Egypt, the Coliseum in Rome and many of our state buildings in Washington, DC are faced with these same materials because they stand the test of time and timeless beauty.  Travertine pavers create a creative and artistic arrangement for a pool deck and patio.

Travertine Deck7


Tile selection is one of the most critical choices when renovating your swimming pool. With so many excellent colors and patterns to choose from, let our experience and creativity help direct you to the right selection to give your swimming pool just the right contrast or blend to enhance your new pavers or existing pool deck.


Mosaics are a fun and whimsical way of adding artistic elements to your pool and can fit almost any budget depending on how large and how many you would like to add. Our tile distributor has a complete catalog to browse.

Turtle Mosaic

We achieve quality results by using quality products by SGM, the manufacturer of the original exposed aggregate finish Diamond Brite.

Water Features

We can install your chosen water features to make your pool stand out. You can call us at any time to talk about the different kinds of water features that we can install and how long the process will take. There are many perks to water features like:

  • Aesthetics. Make your pool one of a kind.
  • White Noise. The ambient sound of water is a great relaxer for when you want to sit on beside the pool
  • Running Water. Constantly flowing water helps keeps the chemicals in your pool circulating.

More About Our Renovations

The materials are delivered to your residence so you can see first hand what materials are going to be used on your pool. Not a concoction of various materials (w/o labels) brought to the job site. We apply Diamond Brite at the recommended thickness. Not scrimping in order to cut costs. We use the original SGM Bond Kote (not a self made mixture) to assure proper bonding of your new finish.