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Repair technicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of trouble shooting your problem

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Keeping Up With Maintenance

It is so important to contact the right swimming pool company to diagnose any problems you are having with your swimming pool system.  At Blue Horizons our repair technicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of troubleshooting your questions and saving our customers substantial labor costs and downtime due to the lack of training and experience.  If you have problems with your system such as noisy motors, poor circulation, air intrusion, motor or pipe leaks, clogged lines, filter issues, or a green pool we can resolve any of your repair needs.

We offer many repair services for your convenience, here are some of our services listed below:

Pool Pump

Pool Pump

Your pump is the center of your pool circulation. There are many ways to diagnose a broken pump and whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Here are some common issues with newer and older molder pool pumps:

    • Defective Bearings – pool bearings are easily affected by corrosion, shock, and vibrations. Listen for a whirring in your motor, this can be an indicator that it is time to replace your bearings.
    • Stock-Up Impeller – these are susceptible to clogging. Larger debris that isn’t caught by your filter and loose bolts, washers, and nuts cause your impeller to get clogged.


  • Short Circuit – If water gets inside the motor it can cause the whole unit to short out and break.



Pool Heater

There are three kinds of pool heaters: gas, electric, and solar. All come with their own problems and depending on what heater you have here are some of the common issues:

  • Ignition does not work
  • Low Water Flow
  • Electrical Connection Or Power Supply Connectivity Issues.
  • Pressure Sensor, Thermal Regulator, High Limit Switch Broken
  • Pool Heater Isn’t Heating Pool
Solar Pool Heater

Controls Systems

Another common area where pools may fail to function over time is in the controlling systems for the pool or spa area. Although they are pretty durable, there are still some issues that cause systems to fail. There could be problems with the indoor control panel with possibly bad wiring. Your pool pump may not be coming on or off, and your spa may be draining. Other typical problems stem from the spa not heating and even your Aqualink! Not connecting. Any of our technicians can solve all of these problems and many more.

Pool Lighting

Having pool lights might seem optional, but they are pretty necessary for some safety reasons. If you ever plan to swim in the evening or at night, having lights will increase your visibility allowing for safer swimming. Also, depending on the lights you have, older halogen based lights you see in every pool, it would be good to keep in mind about upgrading to newer LED lights that are not only more visible but also more energy efficient.

Pool Lighting

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Additional Services:

  • Relocation of pool equipment
  • Addition of designated pool cleaner lines
  • Drain and cleans
  • Split and cleaning of D.E. filters
  • One time cleans
  • Replacement light fixtures and niches
Bray Travertine

All Repairs and Sales of new equipment

  • Filters
  • Pumps and Variable speed pumps
  • Timers
  • Chlorinators
  • Salt generated chlorine systems
  • Motors
  • Spa blowers
  • Remote systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Gas heaters
  • Lights and colored light fixtures
  • Pool cleaners